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Вторник, 18.06.2024
Мобильные телефоны Siemens - наверно, не последнее достижение человечества, которое обратится в прах...
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English FAQs
huteuszДата: Пятница, 11.07.2008, 00:18 | Сообщение # 1
Имя: Mateusz
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Edit by Maggot:


Please post only FAQs here! For discussions use "English FAQ Discussion".
Thanks to everybody who creates FAQs and who translates them, especially to huteusz who began with it. thumb_up


Translated by me FAQ.
If you have any corrections, please post.
I will translate more articles soon.

How to update phone?
The process of update is described in this article, this instruction is suitable for E71 and EL71. In short: You need any cable (DCA-100, 140, 110), Installed driver for the cable (depending on the model of cable) and also the update file, which you can download in our download section.
Answered by DOMINATOR

How to connect phone with computer?

You need an data cable (DCA-140, DCA-100, DCA-110) or Bluetooth, and also programs to connection with telephone with. For example SiMOCo, MPM. Which you can find in our catalog of files.

Where i can download from driver for my Datacable?

In our catalog of files.
answered by DOMINATOR

Where to download from SiMoCo, MPM?

In our catalog of files!
answered by DOMINATOR

What cable is necessary for software update?

For update you will need any cable (DCA-140, DCA-110, DCA-100).

What are "patches", and what they are for?

Patches are small parts of the firmware of phone. With their help is possible to change Firmware code, and modify some functions of phone. Example of patches "Don't show startup assistant"

What i will need for patching?

You will need cable DCA-110 or DCA-110. This cable is also necessary to enter Bootkey into phone.

What this Bootkey and what it can be used for?
Bootkey is a kind of password, which is necessary to access to flash memory of phone. After entering bootkey, it will be possible to patch phone, and do any operations with memory of phone.

Where i can take from bootkey for e71?
For now there are 2 ways to take a bootkey. It's possible to make an Testpoint, or to purchase bootkey from m@rtin. The first method requires dissasembling of phone and closing circuits. You can easily spoil the phone. But in case of e71 Testpoint is easier to do, than in other phones. The easier method is to buy bootkey. You can find some informations about this on website and forum.

Where i can take from bootkey for el71?
If the phone has a factory firmware version 41 or higher, look at the point about bootkey for e71. If the firmware was less than 41, it is possible to calculate and enter the bootkey using Papua-Utils.
Why the internet settings dissappear after reloading?
You need to remove patch Turning off assistant with the start of phone, and no longer use it.
But if you haven't appliec this patch, and the settings are erased, you have probably pressed

Reload in menu of red button. Probably you have applied bad version of patch "Reload instead of

Keylock in red button menu". You should uncomment the line
; 066B30E: 1FD1 0028; forced “Of assistant” at of startup of that of were of not of erased of

tuning of the of internet (just remove the semicolon). You can just copy this line into V-Klay

and then press "Apply Patch"
Another version: You can also use a patch "Always do Startup Assistant”.
answered by Kvadro

How to make, that an application won't ask every time for Internet/filesystem access?
If you have got bootkey, you can sign midlet, after creating certificate. You can create it

with help of program Smelter, which you will find in our catalog of files.
Here is the instruction:

Part I. Creation of certificate and import of it, to phone.
You need Windows 2000, or above.
Set on the computer and telephone real date and time.
Copy from phone file config/policy/manufacturer.spb.
Then use Tools -> Midlet Signer to create the certificate.
Enter the name of the created certificate
Open in phone explorer file config/policy/manufacturer.spb
Copy the file .der (search for it in the subdirectory of Midletsigner in Smelter folder)
Copy the actualised file manufacturer.sbp into the telephone into the folder Of config/policy
Now the phone will use our certificate like normal certificate :)

Part II. Signing of midlets
You can set all permissiond for midlet, by turning on and off options in menu "Tools -> Midlet

Tools - [Podpisyvatel] of [midletov] - to sign midlet
Select your midlet
Select the previously created certificate (two catalogs higher than the certificatemust be its

.key file)
Copy them midlet into the telephone.

Signed midlets NEED file JAD! If you haven't jad file, search for JadGen or Jad Maker. Also the

elf MidletSigner can do the job!
answered by: sim_emrom

Is it possible to turn off light-emitting diode or to disconnect it on E/EL71?
It is possible to turn off the winking of the diode during the screensaver “saving of energy”,

but only using a patch, which you will find in the base of Patches (Don't blink SLI in energysave screensaver).
It answered: Blind007

When I use JIMM on e71, i have got lot of errors 118 120 etc. What to do?
Try to configure Jimm to use the proxy server. In the setting select option Proxy, and write there following data:
the type of proxy: SOCKS5
the address of proxy: in.icqproxy.org
the port of proxy: 1080
login of proxy: guest
the password of proxy: guest

P.S. if with proxy not works, it means server has problems, so you will have to search for another analogous.
It answered: Vitalik76

How to activate dictaphone during the conversation?
We set an option Dictaphone for an hotkey (for example an digital key). When we will call somebody, hold the hotkey, and press OK sometimes.
rusc60: It is easier to set up a hotkey on side of joystick. It will be faster.
It answered: PaulS

How to transfer games and applications via Bluetooth?
To do this, we go into My Files, then select Options and Search. We select "type of file" - Appliation and we press Start. We will see jar and jad files. We select the file and press green button, and then option Via Bluetooth. That's it!
anwsered by: PaulS

What i need to change the graphic design of the phone?

It's possible to install new theme, just copy it into memory, and run from card-explorer.
If you want to replace file icons, battery icons, you need to have cable, bootkey. After entering bootkey, you should install patch Elfpack in version 2 or higher. We have then to create on MMCard folder Zbin, and inside it folder IMG, and we place there files, that will replace original graphics. If you will made the graphics by yourself, remember that they must be numbered like in the FW. You can check the numbers using program Smelter.
To instal patches you need cable DCA100 or DCA110!!

Where it is possible to look the fundamental characteristics Of e71?

Where it is possible to look fundamental characteristics EL71?

Is it possible to look TV at E71?
It is possible. For this you should introduce bootkey and apply an patch ENABLE RTSP, which you will find in our base of Patches.

My T9 has disappeared! What to do?
You will definitely find answer here.

What is maximum size of the memory card in E/El71?
2gb - but not every card works!. 1gb cards works always, but the 2gb in the matter of case.

How to set up ICQ client on phone?
Check Catalog of Articles

How to set GPRS Internet on the telephone?
Check Catalog of Articles

I bought cable dca-110. When i connect to the phone, and type *#06#, in the accesories i have name dca-100 or dca-510 (depending on the model of phone, firmawre, and cable). What to do?

It must be! Benq-Siemens officialy didn't let out cables like dca-110. Dca-110 is unofficial name created by the analogy. Example: Dca540 -> dca 140, HHS 550-> HHS 150. The number 5 was changed to 1.
It answered: sotaland

How to install to the telephone java- game/application?
This is simple, but it needs place in the phone memory (not card!). Just copy the jar file into folder Games or Applications, and then Run!

What are changing themes?
The themes changes colors of fonts, headline, animation of start, background of Mainscreen, background of menu, background of popups, options etc, and ringtones. Themes don't changes icons of menu and standard icons of phone.
It answered: DOMINATOR

How to start Java- programs from microSD using hotkey?
We copy java into any folder on Microsd. We have to remember the catalog structure. We go using SieFM to disk 0:/data/system/java/MMCard, then we create the folders as in the microSD. We leave SieFM, we set up and hotkey. That's it!PS. With the help of catalog 0:\System\Java we can tune a little bit png icons of application, without editing game, remove some settings, or to reset java application.
Also there is an old program, JavaLauncher. With help of it, we can run any java from microSD. It's good when we haven't possiblity to do patching.
It answered: FlyVERz

I copied the music through CardReader. After this, the telephone began to be turned off with the work with the MicroSD. I removed microSD - all works normally. What's going on?

In the name of files it is not possible to use some symbols. For example, comma. It will be
impossible to copy such files by cable with the aid of SiMoCo, but if they nevertheless fall
into the telephone, then with the attempt to visit into the folder with them and (that more
frequent and more important) with the renovation of the base of data Of MediaPlayer telephone
simply will be turned off with the error.
Answered by sim_emrom

I want to put into my phone large volume of files - tens, and hundreds of Megabytes of the information. How to make this process faster, and more convenient? There are three different methods to do that.

1. Using the cable (it is necessary to install driver, for cable dca-100 the driver isn't needed). You can copy file using Mobile Phone Manager, Simoco, or VSFE.

Cable dca-140 - speed 128kb/s - 100mb will copy in 15 minutes
Cable dca-100/110 - speed 8kb/s - 100 mb will copy for 3 and half hours.

2. Through the BT-adapter for computer. You need to install driver for bluetooth. You can use program BlueSoleil, it someimes is on cd's included to the adapter.

Speed: 40-60 kb/s. 100mb will copy around 30-40 minutes.

3. with the help of card-reader for the MicroSD cards - this is the most convenient method of copying the large volumes of the data: the speed - 4-10 Mbyte(s)/s. 100 mb. of data will copy in 30 seconds. Inconvenience: it is necessary to turn off telephone and to take out the battery, under which is arranged the slot for MicroSD.
answered by Astor

I often change sim card, but therefore the cover of telephone rapidly has stirred and it moves from the side to the side. How to fix it?
This is traditional for the last siemens (for example, for [S]75): The solution is to place under the cover paper/the second sim card or to stick it with tape (optimal version).
answered by PaulS

I have blocked Phonecode! What to do?
The procedure of the solution of this problem is in written in clearly way in our Catalog of Articles.
answered by DOMINATOR

How to use the built-in instant messenger?
All about this service is written in "Catalog of articles". You can learn there how to

register, connect and setup the messenger. Also there are given the basic advantages and


I have KPK and I want to use E71/El71 as the modem for it. How to do this?
The detailed procedure on the use of a telephone as the modem for KPK it is written here.

How to check the version of the firmware of telephone and the date of production?
You should write on the keyboard *#06# .In order to see the date of production and version FW,

it's necessary to move joystick right.

What are the cons of having a "grey" phone?
On gray phones, operators make such signs of presence like operator brands on the housing (T -

Mobile, vodaphone, and others), absence on the keyboard of Russian symbols, the absence of the

guarantee of producer. Instruction is always prepared with primitive method on the knee.
It answered: DOMINATOR

How to check the IMEI of phone?
Enter *#06# on Mainscreen, and read.
It answered: DOMINATOR

How to make reset to default settings?
Turn off telephone, take out sim-card, and enter code *#9999#
It answered: DOMIANTOR

Are there any interesting codes for telephone like *#06#?
Yes, there are for an example *#05# :) Generally some codes are given on our website and forum
It answered: DOMINATOR

How to make my e/el71 more loud?
Use patch “mega-loudness”. It's easy to find it in our patch database.
You can also cut a little bit bigger hole in your phone, around the speaker, but it needs

disassembling of the phone, and can be not safe!

Is it possible to save the data, transferred to me through bluetooth, immediately to

There are two versions:
1. It is possible using packet of three patches, which you can find in our database of patches.
Minus - low speed of transmission of data.
2. it is possible to do this without the patches and to use the Java-Application. Minus - it

isn't possible to work with all BT devices.
It answered: DOMINATOR

How to remove date and time from the main screen to e71?
Go to main menu, press Options, then Search. Find option "Show Time", and press joystick.

That's all!
It answered: St1m, Vitalik76, faster method by Huteusz

Why do not works NatICQ, SieJC, Weather and other internet elfs?
You need to have turned on elf GPRSD.
answered by; sim_emrom

How to replace icons od "My Files" and Menu, and what i will need to do this?
Replacement of icons of the main menu:
1. Unpack off archive.
2. Go to config:/japp/flexmenu/ on phone (Bootkey must be entered). Copy the contents of

archive into this folder. It's good to have backup of the contents that are before replacing!
3. Reload the phone, and look at your new menu icons!

Replacement of “my files” icons:
1) Download the archive of icons.
2) Copy the contents of archive into Config/default/mystuff. If the directory is absent, you

can create it. Also it is good to have copy of it's contents. Of course, bootkey must be

3) Reload the phone and use your new menu “my files”.
*- sometimes in Mystuff.xml there is set only russian language. You will have to edit the
mystuff.xml for your own language, because the icons can don't show after restart. Just change
language "ru", to "en", "de", "fr", etc, and then translate folder names - Huteusz.
It answered: DOMINATOR

Why after the installation of Elfpack, i cannot turn on the phone?
You need also to install patch "Functions Library"
answered by Leha

How to format disk 0: (data) without using of computer - directly from phone?

You have to remove sim card, turn on phone, and when "Insert SIM-Card" will appear on display, write *#9337#.
answered by Leha

:( siemens is dead

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huteuszДата: Пятница, 11.07.2008, 16:43 | Сообщение # 2
Имя: Mateusz
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Instant Message - to be or to not be ...

Instant Message, a client for messaging appeared on Siemens phones already quite long, and initially has existed as a java-based application, and was built into firmware. In the x65 and x75 phones this application was hidden, but could be activated by patches. In S75 the Instant Message was available initially, without any patches.

Instant Message is actually a java application, integrated in the firmware phone with all its attendant advantages and disadvantages (indeed talk about that at the end of review). This program is not an ICQ-client, and belongs to the Wireless Village (WV), so it support other messaging systems (ICQ, AIM / AOL, MSN, Yahoo) belongs of the WV-server, which actually you are connected to.

Setting Instant Message

To work with the program, you first need to create an account on WV server. Here are some servers - Yamigo, Chatnu.dk and SMSLINE.

At Yamigo registration form is in English language - you need enter "Your Name" (any name), "User Name" (WV ID-user), and "e-mail". There also can be connected transports (available ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo). After filling form, Hit "Send Registration" and get password to your email.

How to register for a Danish server Chatnu.dk you can read more _here_

At smsline all is in Russian. This server allows only exchange messages in Russian (at least during my experiments). The general - of this server is lack of icq, aim, aol, msn transports registered on server.
After registration at server, you will need to setup the messenger. Check out Menu, Communications, Instant Messanger. You will see a list of six items with names "Profile 1... Profile 6". After selection of the profile, you need to activate it (Options -> Activate). Hit Options -> Change and write there following data:

Profile Name: (any)
List. connected.: Click on it, will open an dialog "Preferences". Press Options and then Select. ULBEHRINGER. Then will open dialog with list of internet profiles. Choose profile GPRS-Internet.Address: http://smsline.ru:8088 (if registered with SMSLINE), (if registered with Yamigo) or (if registered with Chatnu . dk);
User ID: WV Id-User
Password: Your password
Select "Options - Save".

Note. If you are going to use the account on Yamigo, you would open sub-file imps_provider_1.pd (located on the disk hidden in the Config Default / PD) - in line 000037: WV_DEFAULT_WBXML_VERSION = 1.2, instead of 1.2, write 1.1.

In the "settings" Inst. Message is the following items:
Automat. register. -- Checking "On (start)", the application will connect the network immediately after turning on the phone, if you set off (by hand), access to the network will be used after clicking on "Login";
The delay - sets the time, in the absence of action by the user, that WV-client will hide to Background (possible values: never/5/10/15/30/60min);
Information pop-up - Shows pop-up about incoming messages. But, in my case, turning it on caused automatical turning off the phone after recieving a message...
You can look also at the point Status Online, and set your status, alias and mood. In this place, after pressing Options -> Privacy, you can customize your privacy options.

Work with the program

At the end of the settings you can click "Register". After that, if everything is configured correctly, you will be online. If the phone's address book for any contact filled item "WV ID-user", the icon of this contact should immediately display in roster. By the way, as "WV ID-user", you can add your friends from ICQ, but only in the form UIN@aim.com (of course if the server supports ICQ-transport).

In online program, there is a window with five tabs:
Talks - here are all your conversations;
Contact IM - a kind of contact list, all contacts automatically are grouped by type of conversation / online / offline;
Group IM - something like groups in ICQ
Details. posts. -- It usually displays error messages
Save. Brucellosis. -- If you archivize conversations, look for them there.

To send a message, press joystick when the contact name will be highlighed> After that will open "chat", When you will click on the joystick, there will appear on the screen cursor. Write message, and once again press center joystick - it will be sent to recipient. This can be done also through the menu "option" (you can also embed smilies using menu "characters. Emotions").

And finally, about the exit from the program. If you will click "Exit" (or use the item from menu), WV-client will hide to background. If you want to completly close the program, you've to press Exit again.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is only one +. WV-client is built into phone java program. Nothing more is required to use this.
But, in negative, there is all the rest...
Here is the list of "-" based on using WV-cilent on my E71v42.

1. We can forget about communicating in Russia. Instead of cyrillic, there comes lots of ? and other strange signs. Only in server SMSLINE, we can use cirillic.
2. There isn't way to download ICQ roster. You have to manually add contacts.
3. Messages are sent with big delay.
4. Huge traffic flow (GPRS indicator flashes almost constantly, even if user isn't doing anything at all);
5. Often, after the entrance and registration client should go online (although online status is the default). Another person and you do not see the message that you/he sends did not arrived;
6. The work of this application is very slow, often brakes;
7. And of course lots of small bugs, The client has lots of bugs.
8. Finally the most important - when you will try to turn off the phone with Instant Messenger hidden to Background (and sometimes even with unloaded), it turns off the phone with emergency note. After several times that phone has switched off with this note, after turning on my phone started to "beep" and already has become silent when while phone was searching for net. After this i stopped experiments with Instant Messanger, and returned to factory settings.

The next article will be: Instruction of patching in V-Klay.

:( siemens is dead

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huteuszДата: Суббота, 12.07.2008, 00:27 | Сообщение # 3
Имя: Mateusz
С нами с: 18.01.2008
Сообщений: 490
Награды: 3
Модель телефона: e71v45 / cxt70v56
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Instruction of patching in V_Klay

Work with V_KLay 3.3

After the first launch of V-KLay, press options and select your language from the menu. Of course, if

you want, you can also use English language. To change the language you will need to restart V_KLay.

You have to mark option to work with the phone. Then select from menu your loader (you have to create it

using Papua-Utils, and copy to V-Klay folder), set up your port (for dca-100 com1 or com2, for usb dca-

110 you can check it in system management). The last thing tho set up is to change speed settings. It is

recommended to use maximum speed. For the com cable, use 115200, for dca-110, you can try different

values. For my dca-110 it was 1600000 - but only when i was using driver patched by Chaos.

Check, is the battery of phone charged. If everything is ok, turn off the phone. If your cable supports

charging, turn it off in phone options. For example, when you will connect phone to the cable (the

battery isnt full charged), the phone will start to load. Press button Refresh. The program will ask you

to shortly press red button. Do it. If everything will gone ok, you will see in the line some

informations about flash, imei, etc, and the indicator on right will become red. If it will not work,

try to change the speed, verify is the cable right connected, and try to connect again.

Usually after first press of button Refresh, the program will try to make a copy of Fullflash. It's good

to have a fullflash backup, so you shouldn't break this process. Also we can make an copy later, using

tab Flasher, and pressing the button Read Memory. It's good to save first fullflash backup, it will help

to repair the phone after the patching gone wrong. If you want, you can RAR the backup, it will compress

to 19mb.

We select a patch that we want to apply. Press the button "add...", and select the vkp file.

Example of patch:
; Disable message “keypad locked”
; © SiNgle
; (p) Grizzzzly
0700350: F8F034EB C046C046

This patch is useful - it disables useless message, and immediately turns off the backlight when

keylocking. All things that are commented, are: 1. Name of patch, name of autor, name of the porter, and

version of phone software, that is the patch working with. Comments are ignored when we install patch in

All data of patch, are written in hexadecimal form. First number - is an adress in fullflash. The next

number are the data that are alerady in phone (they are used to check, is the patch used in right

place), and the last number - is the data that will be changed by patch. During installing the patch,

the 2nd number is changed to 3rd. When we cancell a patch, vice versa.
In some patches, there is possiblity to change some values. For example in patch "Change illumination by

1%" we can change values. It's good to use windows calculator in the engineering mode. It's simple -

enter your value (for example 5 - 5%), and then switch into Hex. You will see "5", so change the value

in patch from 01 to 05. Sometimes in patch there are some options that you will to uncomment, comment,

or enter your own values. But in some patches such as "smooth scrolling of long names", changing of

walues can make the patch working bad!
There are also some more complex patches. For example, Functions library, Masterpatch, Elfpack, etc.
Adresses are in some empty part of fullflash, and you MUST cancel this patch, before upgrading it to

higher version. Let's look at some parts of these patches.

#pragma enable old_equal_ff and #pragma disable old_equal_ff - are commands for V_klay that are used to
start filling an empty place in fullflash, and to end it. For patches like this, there are only entered

new walues, because there aren't any old.

+0074000, A3F8, +0 - This is displacement of data, relative to the addresses entered. Usually it stands

on beginning of patch, but at it's end you can see +0. If we will not place +0 at end of patch, there

will appear errors during the installation.

Installation of patch

For a beginning, we can check, is the patch suitable for our phone. We press button ? next to "Install

patch". V_KLay will report us, are there any bugs in patch, etc. It will show a message "Patch can be

succesfully established", or it will report, how many lines aren't suitable, and which one that lines

are. This is useful information, during cancellation of patch. But YOU decide, to install patch into

phone or not. In the worst case, you will cannot turn your phone.
Then, press the button " Install Patch". There will be passed the checking of patch, and if there won't occur any errors, the patch will install. If there will be any errors, you should press "Yes" button (in case of window, to save an repair-patch".
It's good to not touch the cable and phone during patching. If something will spoil the installation of patch, V-Klay will stop at operation Transmission of data. If the operation lasts for more than 10 seconds, this is occasion to correct the cable. If its more a minute, you can disconnect phone from cable. As a rule, after this phone will not turn on! The only thing that you can do, is to backup your Fullflash. Go to tab Flasher, press Open file, select your copy of Fullflash, Do not allow to write bootcore! If you will write wrong data to Bootcore, your telephone can die FOREVER!!!!
After applying a patch, do not forget to save copy of patch. Just in case you will need to cancel it.
At the end of work with V-Klay, press the red button next to red square. It will become now green. This isn't nesccessary, but for cultural end of patching, it's better to do this. Now you can disconnect the phone, and turn it on.

:( siemens is dead
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