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FAQ for beginners
FlyVERzДата: Понедельник, 03.12.2007, 11:12 | Сообщение # 1
Имя: Александр
С нами с: 08.06.2007
Сообщений: 226
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Модель телефона: E71v45
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First of all, here is the Catalogue of Files of e71.ru:

Programs for computer:
Flashers and patchers
Phone Explorers
Miscellaneous progs (useful for Siemens-users)

Firmwares (via Update tool):
for E71, for EL71

for E71, for EL71

User's Manuals (in english):
for E71, for EL71

Cable Drivers:
USB Driver DCA-140/DCA-540 v1.05 124
USB Driver DCA-110 (PL-2303) for Microsoft Vista
USB Driver DCA-110/DCA-510
Modem Driver - SiemensGprsXp
USB Driver DCA-110 (if the cable is not correctly assembled, and other drivers can't stand it, this one may work)

Java-games for E71/EL71

Java-applications for E71/EL71

Themes for E71/EL71

png-Icons for editing the Main Menu and My Files (they can be changed only if you have your BootKey, about what it is - read further more)

Q: How to arrange a communication / data transmission of the phone with a computer?

A: You will need a cable (DCA-140, DCA-100, DCA-110) or bluetooth-adapter as well as the phone manager. For example SiMOCo, MPM.

Q: Where can I find drivers for the cable?

A: Look here: http://e71.ucoz.ru/load/

Q: Where take SiMoCo, MPM?

A: Here: http://e71.ru/load/8

Q: What is a firmware changing?

A: This is a kind of the "operating system" replacement on your phone.

Q: What is that?

A: Typically newer firmwares have less errors and mismatching than the older versions. Although every firmware (even the latest and last) have bugs.

Q: Do I lose my files / settings while updating the firmware on the phone?

A: Yes. When you update FW disappears only archive SMS. Files and general setup are ok.

Q: What do I need to update the firmware?

A: A cable to connect with computer, the computer itself, new version of firmware and your own hands!

Q: What kind of cable is used to firmware update?

A: For FW update you should have any cable (DCA-140, DCA-110, DCA-100).

Q: What's the difference between cables DCA-140, DCA-110, DCA-100?

A: DCA-140 is intended only to transfer files and synchronize information, as well as firmware update. DCA-110 has all the features that come with DCA-140, but in addition, the ability to work with the hidden blocks of memory, with its help "service" operations can be made, such as patching, unlock, giving new life of the "dead" phone. Although, DCA-110 is less speedy, than DCA-140. DCA-100 is the COM analog of DCA-110, has even slower speed than DCA-110. DCA-140 and DCA-110 have USB interface.

Q: How to update fimware in phone?

A: This was written in detail here: http://e71.ucoz.ru/forum/2-5-1 (but still in Russian)

Q:What are patches, and what are they for?

A: The patches is a piece of software code for phone. With their help, you can modify the phone FW, and thus influence on the work of your phone. Examples of patches: "Disable Keyboard blocked "message" ", "The increase of the duration of combustion backlight, etc."

Q: Q: What do I need to patching?

A: Cable DCA-110 or DCA-100, as well as the need to enter Bootkey.

Q: What is Bootkey and why is it good for?

A: Bootkey is a sort of "password" needed to access the hidden blocks of memory. After its capture phone can be patched and made any transactions with the phone's memory.

Q: Where can I take Bootkey?

A: Currently Bootkeys are not calculated… You can either buy or enter via testpoint. This method (via testpoint) requires the dismantling of some circuits and phone contacts. It it is not correctly done, you can easily shortcircuit or damage your phone. I think, the better way is to buy. About buying this code - read here: http://e71.ucoz.ru/forum/12-45-1 (also still in Russian)

Q: How do I enter Bootkey?

A: This was written in detail here: http://e71.ucoz.ru/forum/2-5-1

Q: How can I patch phone?

A: This, too, is written in detail here: http://e71.ucoz.ru/forum/2-5-1

© translated FlyVERz with applications translator Google.
Correctly translated and totally fixed by PaulS

Сообщение отредактировано FlyVERz - Понедельник, 03.12.2007, 11:24
N1ghtmareДата: Вторник, 11.12.2007, 14:50 | Сообщение # 2
Single Soul...
Имя: Нестор
С нами с: 06.05.2007
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Модель телефона: Nokia E70
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Hmm... It’s useful..., but errors would be necessary to be corrected wink

PaulSДата: Вторник, 11.12.2007, 20:03 | Сообщение # 3
Имя: Паша
С нами с: 19.04.2007
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I fixed the message of FlyVERz, only this evening had finally time to do it (Students' session started, you know). cool
FlyVERzДата: Пятница, 14.12.2007, 20:25 | Сообщение # 4
Имя: Александр
С нами с: 08.06.2007
Сообщений: 226
Награды: 0
Модель телефона: E71v45
Статус: Offline
PaulS, Thank wink
Форум » Мобильный мир » English-speaking Forum » FAQ for beginners (Some useful information)
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