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Форум » Мобильный мир » English-speaking Forum » How to create NatICQ server ('cause NatICQ works only if you'll find one or make it)
How to create NatICQ server
PaulSДата: Воскресенье, 24.02.2008, 20:46 | Сообщение # 1
Имя: Паша
С нами с: 19.04.2007
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Модель телефона: E71
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To create your own NatICQ server you need to:
1. Have Internet with static or dynamic IP address with direct connection to network (e.g., ADSL, but not via proxy)
2. Download the server itself and unpack it to any folder you like
3. Add run.bat file to Windows start up programs or to the Task Manager, or you can load server by your own every time. After launching run.bat you'll watch the empty black window opened - don't worry, it's normal
4. Go to this site and register your own account and confirm this registration via e-mail
5. Create your host
6. Download program for IP renewal (for those who have dynamic IP address), setup it and input your properties (login, password, and if nessesary - program start at Windows start up)
7. If you use Firewall - configure it, permit network connection via port 5050
8. In NatICQ config input the created host and port 5050
9. Enjoy!

© This instruction is based on Kenko and Ashenrain posts in other siemens-forums and translated by PaulS

erwinpieroДата: Понедельник, 25.02.2008, 10:23 | Сообщение # 2
Имя: erwin cahyadi
С нами с: 23.11.2007
Сообщений: 223
Награды: 0
Модель телефона: EL71v45, M65@CX70 v56, SX1v15
Статус: Offline
Thank for sharing PaulS, it's brand new for me, i had to try it right away smile

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Siemens SL75 Firmware 52 lg03 | Map v39 | FFS v39
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MaggotДата: Суббота, 15.03.2008, 16:36 | Сообщение # 3
Имя: Maggot
С нами с: 25.01.2008
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Модель телефона: E71v45
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Thank you!
Now, I just need the English/German-Version of NatICQ, then i'll try this! smile

Gefunden auf einem neuseeländischen FTP-Server zu einer Zeit, als die meisten von euch noch nicht mal wussten, dass man Komputer mit K schreibt.
Форум » Мобильный мир » English-speaking Forum » How to create NatICQ server ('cause NatICQ works only if you'll find one or make it)
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