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Наш Каталог файлов содержит множество материалов. В том числе прошивки и фуллфлеши для вашего телефона.
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FAQ about E71
PaulSДата: Воскресенье, 17.06.2007, 00:00 | Сообщение # 1
Имя: Паша
С нами с: 19.04.2007
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Модель телефона: E71
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This theme is started for adding PRECISE and USEFUL information about E71.
No questions allowed! Those, who neglect these requests, will be strictly punished.
So, flooding, flame and off-topic are forbidden.
Useful messaging is allowed for everyone!

The stimulus to write this FAQ was given in this theme http://forum.allsiemens.com/viewtopic.php?t=34186 , devoted to the discussion about E71, but on the 80th page (or about that number) many questions began to being doubled by new-comers, so I decided to figure them out and write down answers for the here.

About the cell phone (device properties):
The display of this mobile is almost the best you could find in Siemens (BenQ-Siemens) models, but there we should say about one little trait… E71 display often break down, the first signs of it, going to happen, are: displays start to twinkle, and it becomes really evident. Those, who had such problems say, that after they pushed (firmly touched) the place, where “BenQ-Siemens” logo is printed (under the display), it stops blinking for some period of time. But it won’t help you, so what to do in this situation? The answer is: you should bring your mobile to Service & Support Center of BenQ-Siemens. It takes them min. 2 weeks to fix this problem. You can also fix it by yourself, but it is at your own risk and responsibility.
Camera: it also has nuances. There are two types of it: the first one has the better quality of pictures shot. You can check you type by pulling out the back-cover of a mobile and watching it over the battery; the “better” type of camera has round-shaped plastic frame, but not an oval or a square one as you may watch round the “bad” type. The second moment to draw attention is a colour of lens. To observe it you’d better come to a well-lighted place and look into the objective, if it is streaked with pink (or red, violet), then you’ve got the “better” one, if it is colourless (or blue), then you’re not lucky. You can see the picture of a “bad” camera below: http://forum.allsiemens.com/download.php?id=60065
It has also been found, that the “bad” camera type often attends models with blinking displays.
Some people are interested in loudness and noisiness of the speaker and ask us to compare it with Siemens S75. So their noisiness and loudness is practically of the same level, the difference is not very noticeable.
Flash-Cards: this mobile supports micro-SD cards (but not of every manufacturer), so before you buy one, try it (if it is possible) on your mobile.
To eject/insert flash-card, you have to switch off your phone, pull out the back-over, the battery, and in the right top corner you’ll see the small section. It opens, when you push the holder (bracket in the upper side of the card-slot) up, the pull it up and now you can eject/insert your card.

Now about the software of E71:
About the glitches (mismatches) of the software:
Their amount depends on the firmware, that is why at first we will say about FW37 glitches, this firmware is preinstalled on the mobile phone before you’ve got it. It is known, that when we visit “SMS drafts” and try to mark them, mobile can pick-off.
With FW39 you can find out the glitch of address book: if you select a contact, “Options”, “Mark”, set a picture or sound for it, save and exit, then you might find out NO changes when looking through it again

[To be continued. © Denka, DOMINATOR. Translated by PaulS.]

Сообщение отредактировано PaulS - Воскресенье, 17.06.2007, 22:47
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