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What Is SVN?
PaulSДата: Пятница, 11.07.2008, 22:21 | Сообщение # 1
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What Is SVN? ( © Original article in Russian by Vitalik76, translated by PaulS)

Talking about elf's statements like "look at svn", "download at svn", "it is available at svn" often pass by. But what is this svn? I'll try to unveil the truth about this misterious subject..


According to Wikipedia SVN (Subversion) - is a vrsion control system, that allows many users to work at the project distantly and at one time. Svn consists of 2 components - server and clients. Server is due to store and synchrinize all incoming information, and clients, who are more familiar to call users, are for adding information.

In general, the working process at any part of the project is performed like this: clients download to their PCs the project part they need from the server via some special programs (or refresh it to the current version, if it's been downloaded earlier), then they edit this part (e.g. code, documentation, textures) as supposed to, and after modifying they upload this changed information back to the server, for others may see it afterwards.

Surely, these are so called science terms, if we take it simplier, for an ordinary user the svn is something like the ftp, file storage (repositarium :) ) situated at svn://cbsie.dyndns.info (talking about elf's!). Here are all the elf' files (data, demos etc.).

Where can I download it?

You need only one extra-prog for working - client, like TortoiseSVN, the direct download page is here. The current version is 1.4.5 today (file TortoiseSVN- is about 9 MB). So you install it, restart your PC and enjoy.

How to use it?

Here I'll write down only the simple operations - how to download files from svn. Trace your way to the Windows Explorer and in File menu watch the new items "SVN checkout..." and "TortoiseSVN". Click on the last one, in new URL-input window paste the adress svn://cbsie.dyndns.info and now find yourself in repositarium. Here is everything like ftp - you see the file and folder structure. Find the file needed, click on it the right mouse button, choose "Save As..." and save it to your PC.

P.S.: How should you guess what file do you need? It's difficult to answer promptly, but surely, if you try the svn-surfing, you are to know what you need there...

P.P.S.: Some files and folders are password-protected. How should you know it? Hmmm, I'm also out of this question, but notice, in the "Author" column you may see the nick, and he/she may probably tell you the password, if nessasary

P.P.P.S. Currently we have the "svn-mirrow" access at the usual internet-site http://perk11.info/svn/ARM/ and no additional progs are needed to be installed

Форум » Мобильный мир » English-speaking Forum » What Is SVN?
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